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Please contact me by phone or email for the latest updates on which insurances I am now able to accept.

Rates effective March 1, 2017:
My hourly fee for on-going individual and couple and family therapy is $165 per 50 minute session ("hour"). The initial "intake" session is $225 and the intake process may include additional fees for any psychological testing, if warranted. If you have medical insurance, your insurance may help you with these fees. Check with your individual provider about your specific policy and coverage.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation so that we may have a chance to meet each other and answer questions you may have about starting therapy. Please call me to schedule an appointment.

All session fees are due at time of service. Cash, checks (made out to: Beyond Diagnosis Counseling) and all major credit cards are accepted for payment. Credit card payments are accepted through this website and need to be made prior to our appointment.

Insurance accepted:
Behavioral HealthCare Providers
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Fairview Partners Integrated Health Network-IHN
Medical Assistance (MA)
Minnesota Care
Patient Choice-FPA
Preferred One

Preferred One PPO
Preferred One Community Health Plan
Preferred One Administrative Services

Health Partners-Out fo Network Benefits
Medica-Out of Network Benefits

I am currently awaiting approval from other insurance companies. Please contact me for the most current updated insurance information. Y our payment may be reimbursed through Out-of-Network benefits, a Medical Flex Spending account or a Health Savings Vehicle. (Please check with your resource to verify reimbursement requirements) Payment for sessions are due at the time of service. All charges incurred are the responsibility of the client.

Cancellation Policy
I require a 24 hour cancellation notice for any scheduled appointments. Missed appointments or "no shows"
for a scheduled appointment will result in full-session charge, due before the next appointment. Clients who are late to scheduled appointments will be charged the full session fee. I am very understanding and know that medical issues can arise or change at any time. Please let me know so that I can adjust as well.
All client information and policies are outlined in detail in the Informed Consent packet provided for new clients.

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